DBS Checks for Pharmacy Technicians/ Dispensary assistants (Price inclusive of VAT)


**90% of our DBS checks come back within two weeks currently**


Please read the below carefully. Very Important.

DBS (the Disclosure and Barring Services) was formed as a replacement to both the Criminal records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA). They help employers to make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children.

As pharmacists and technicians work closely with vulnerable adults and young children, the requirement is that they have an enhanced criminal record check. The enhanced check is the only check which provides information on pharmacists who may be included on the “barred list” . It is a criminal offence for pharmacists on the barred list to be able to work with these groups.

Employers may choose to have their pharmacists sign a declaration to state they have not been included on these barred lists. However, as advised by the NPA “this measure is not adequate as pharmacists may provide false, fraudulent or misleading information.”

The DBS have advised us that “The Enhanced Check is required for all pharmacists as they work in regulated activity with and provide services to vulnerable adults and young children”.

Pharmacists obtain their certificate and then register it with the DBS Annual Update Service at which they pay a fee of £13 annually. This allows the certificate to remain applicable and valid for a long period of time, assuming they do not change job roles.

Pharmacy technicians/ dispensary assistants

Confirming which level of check a registered pharmacy technician or dispensary assistant is eligible for, depends on the location of the pharmacy.

This DBS check depends if pharmacy technicians to come into contact with patients in receipt of care. In general, pharmacy technicians/ dispensary assistants will be eligible for an Enhanced DBS check as they will be giving healthcare advice under the supervision of a pharmacist.


Who Can Help With The Application Process?

My Locum Choice background checks; a revolutionary online platform that uses high-end technology to streamline the whole DBS process. This means locum’s get their disclosure requirements met much more quickly and efficiently.

How Do I start the Application?

The Process


Check out with the DBS service

  1. The cost of an Enhanced DBS check is: £75.00 Discounted checks referred via any of our approved affiliate and supplier partners will allow the Enhanced check to be obtained at a cost of £69.

Step 2:

Once payment has been made. You will receive an email confirmation with a link to complete the information that we need to carry out your check.

Step 3:

Document verification; Visit a post office (not all post offices offer this service please check before you go) and get your original documents verified against photocopies.

A list of acceptable documents can be found here:


The post office will verify the originals against your persons and countersign on the photocopies to state:

"I [Name] verify this is a true likeness of [Name] " - Signed and dated

You will also need to obtain a verify (verification form from them)


**A charge of up to £10.50 can be incurred for this service**

**Please contact us to make sure you have chosen the correct documents before you visit the post office**

T: 01604 212992

E: helpdesk@mylocumchoice.com

Step 4: 

Please email us your countersigned photocopies and the verification form: helpdesk@mylocumchoice.com

Step 5:

Once we have received your documents, we will send you an email with the link to start your application. The email will appear in your inbox (please check junk mail) sent from “Verifile” titled“ Verifile Background Checks”.

- link will be sent within 12 hours

Step 6:

Follow the steps on the link and submit the application.

The Applicant form and Upload Documents sections need to be completed.

Once the application is submitted My Locum Choice will be kept up to date with its progress.

**You have 28 days to complete the application form. After this period the form will be withdrawn by DBS and is non-refundable**.

Step 7:

Once clear, we will receive an e-copy of the certificate and the original will be sent to you to your home address.

Step 8:

Register your certificate with the DBS update service at a cost of £13 annually:

https://secure.crbonline.gov.uk/crsc/apply? execution=e1s1  

 **This must be registered within 19 days of receiving the certificate**

**On the rare occasion you do not receive your original in the post within 14 days please contact us and we will give you a reference number to contact DBS directly**


DBS update service. 

This service is provided annually and can be of benefit to all healthcare professionals. By registering with the service, it keeps your certificate valid and ensures employers that your certificate is current and up to date.



Q: Why do I need to get my documents verified?

 A: Under strict new regulations by DBS, they must ensure that documents are not only identity checked but the individual is also checked against the documents provided. Any breach of this is considered fraudulent activity and could, in turn, make your check invalid if not followed.


Q: Why do I need to send documents, other DBS providers state I don't need to do this?

 A: Unfortunately if you do not get your documents countersigned your check will not be valid and legal with DBS standings. Any providers who state this does not need to be completed are not legally compliant with DBS and applicants as well as the organisation will be subject to prosecution.


Q: Do My Locum Choice perform standard or Enhanced criminal checks?

A: All checks carried out are Enhanced checks, it is a requirement for healthcare professionals to have this.


Q: How do I pay for my check?

A: Check out with the DBS service product.


Q: How long does my certificate take?

A: DBS state it can take up to 6 weeks to receive your certificate, however, the majority of certificates return within 2 weeks.

Typically the longest part of the process is the police records search; depending on how quick their departments are in your area will reflect the length of time it takes for your certificate to come back


Q:  Can I upload photos of my documents onto the Onfido DBS platform or must they be scanned?

A: Photos are absolutely fine. Onfido uses high-end technology to screen the pictures.


Q: Why is the annual update service important?

A: If you do not register with the annual update service within 19 days of receiving your certificate; your certificate is considered as invalid because employers cannot be sure of any issues that may have occurred or changes in job role within that time frame. The annual update service allows your certificate to remain valid, current and up to date.


Q: I have received my electronic certificate copy but not my original yet?

A: Please contact DBS directly if you have not received your original certificate in the post within 14 days. The original is needed as the copy cannot be presented as a genuine certificate.


Q: What is an unspent conviction?

A: If you have ever been convicted of an offence for which a sentence of more than 2 and a half years was imposed (regardless of the amount of time you actually spent in prison) this conviction can never become ‘spent': it is an ‘unspent‘ conviction which you must disclose when asked about your criminal convictions


My Locum Choice regularly maintains a robust and legal process with regards to all activities including DBS. This often includes regular relations with DBS and DBS provider services. They have now informed that although our online identity checking system and criminal checking system is very robust and advanced; DBS must be able to verify a persons identity physically. This can only be achieved through facial recognition against documents in person to a verified counter-signatory and verification professional. We highly recommend using the Postal Office service for this. They will not only verify your documents but also provide you with a signed verification form acting as proof of this process being complied with. If for any reason the DBS verification process is not followed, we are legally inclined to withdraw the application and report any necessary findings to DBS.