E-Book - Pharmacy Interview Tips


We all know about the increased number of pharmacists and the increasingly competitive nature of pharmacy. We have taken our time and compiled this  E-Book to help you through the process of being interviewed for pharmacist roles. This can apply to you if you have just qualified or have been working in a pharmacy for decades.

This book has been written by an experienced retail and independent pharmacy regional manager who conducts on average 20 interviews per year for their companies. These questions are transferrable between pre-reg to pharmacists to manager and beyond.

We hope this helps you. Feel free to contact us about the book or anything we are doing.

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Topics include

  • Behavioral competencies
  • The interview
  • The industry and the company
  • Targets and goals
  • Pre-qualification
  • Aptitude and appearance  
  • Interview questions

'For any of you who have previously or currently worked within the retail pharmacy, you will be aware that the regional manager conducts the majority of interviews. The same applied here; I picked up the phone and told the regional I wanted to apply.'

Steps to obtain the book

1)Check out with the book as a product.

2) You will receive an email with the E-Book attached.