PGD Pack


You are now on the way to becoming accredited in 8 x key oral PGD’s.

The unique PGDs allow you to provide the service at different pharmacies. This is ideal for a locum or pharmacy owner looking to expand the service provision.

The PGD’s included are:


• Hair Loss

• Weight Management

• Smoking Cessation

• Erectile Dysfunction

• Oral Contraceptives

• Salbutamol

• Antimalarials

STEP 1) A payment has been made by yourself via our online store.

STEP 2) Email will be sent to you. It needs to be completed with the relevant information. This will help set up your PGD.

STEP 3) Once the information has been filled please register at http://

STEP 4) Within 48 hours you will be able to log back into the voyager site and have been granted access to all of the training material, videos and quizzes.


My Locum Choice will inform you as soon as access has been authorised so you can continue with your training.

FAQ’s about the pack:

1. Is any face to face training required as part of these PGD’s? No, this is all online, completion time should be a few hours.

2. Is any prior training like CPPE required as part of these PGD’s?

Yes a few actually:


• Emergency hormonal contraception - e-learning.

• Emergency hormonal contraception - e-assessment.

• Weight management for adults: understanding the management of obesity elearning.

• Weight management for adults: understanding the management of obesity eassessment.

• My Choice weight management programme: Making a difference - e-learning

• Stop smoking NCSCT practitioners assessment - knowledge and skills elearning

• Contraception - distance learning • Contraception - e-assessment

• Travel health - e-learning

• Travel health - e-assessment

3. Is this cost a one off cost or annual cost?

Annual, the timer is set from the pass of the first PGD exam.

4. If not annual, is there a renewal fee?

Same fee every year.

5. Do these accreditations expire at any point?Are refreshers needed after a certain time and if yes how long after?

They get an annual refresher when we take the next payment.

6. Are any of these accreditations restricted to certain boroughs or CCG’s?

No, they are nationwide.

7)Can they be used anywhere the locum works?

Only if they have the superintendent permission in writing (there is a document inside of Voyager for this purpose).

8)Does the locum need to do anything before providing these services?

i.e inform the local CCG’s or can they start providing them straight away once accredited? See above. 

9) Do pharmacy sites need particular approval for locums to provide this service?

No, only their superintendent as above.

10) Is all the consent forms and marketing available on the online platform?


11) Would this affect indemnity insurance? Would locums need to change their policies?

Most insurers cover us, however its best to double check.

12) Have you got any tips on how locums/pharmacy managers can promote these services to pharmacy clients?

The most profitable PGDs in order are erectile dysfunction, malaria, weight loss, hair loss, smoking cessation, oral contraception. I find the best way to market it is to run one of three "specialist clinics".

• Male health clinic - which would involve the ED, Weight Loss and Hair Loss PGDs.

• Female health clinic - which involves EHC, OC and Weight Loss.

• Travel health clinic - only can do malaria, but possibly upgrade via Avicenna to Travel Core?

13) Is there an expiration date on any of these PGD’s?

Annual, as above.

14). If you start training then have to leave and come back to it, is your work saved?

No, but the exams are subdivided in to 20 questions.