PVG Scheme Checks for Pharmacy Professionals (Price inclusive of VAT)


**90% of our PVG checks come back within three weeks currently**


Please read the below carefully. Very Important.

The PVG check is essentially the Scottish version of DBS. 

PVG Scheme helps to ensure that those who have regular contact with children and protected adults through paid and unpaid regulated work do not have a known history of harmful behaviour.

The Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 was designed to give statutory protection from harm to children and protected adults, when they are in the care or responsibility of an organisation.

The Act introduced the 'PVG Scheme’, which is administered by Disclosure Scotland as an executive agency of the Scottish Government. Scheme membership ensures that those who either have regular contact with vulnerable groups through the workplace, or who are otherwise in regulated work, do not have a history of inappropriate behaviour.

The Scheme excludes people who are known to be unsuitable, on the basis of their past behaviour, from working with children and/or protected adults and because it is constantly monitored, detects those who become unsuitable.

Who does it apply to?

The scheme applies to staff undertaking the following types of work which are classed as Regulated Work under the Act:

  • Caring for children or protected adults
  • Teaching, Instructing, training or supervising children or protected adults
  • Being in sole charge of children or protected adults
  • Unsupervised contact with children
  • Provide advice or guidance which relates to physical or emotional well-being, education or training of children or protected adults
  • Moderating a public electronic interactive communication service which is intended for or mainly used by children
  • Providing or working for an organisation which provides a care home service which is provided exclusively or mainly for children
  • Providing, or working with an organisation which provides an independent health care service which is provided exclusively or mainly for children
  • Work on any part of a day care premises where children are being looked after
  • Being a host parent
  • Inspecting adult care services


Who Can Help With The Application Process?

My Locum Choice works with a reputable 3rd party provider to help our locums obtain disclosure checks through Disclosure Scotland (PVG Scheme). 

They are vetted, registered and regulated by Disclosure Scotland and remove the burden of a complex, time consuming and challenging process.

How Do I start the Application?

The Process


Check out with the PVG Scheme service

  1. The cost of a PVG check is: £120.00 Discounted checks referred via any of our approved affiliate and supplier partners will allow the Enhanced check to be obtained at a cost of £114.

Step 2:

Once payment has been made. You will receive an email confirmation of payment.

Step 3:

 A member of the My Locum Choice will contact you to verify your details and begin your application process via our 3rd party service provider.

If you have any questions please contact:

T: 01604 212992

E: helpdesk@mylocumchoice.com



Q: How do I pay for my check?

A: Check out with the DBS service product.


Q: How long does my certificate take?

A: Majority of our PVG checks return within 3 weeks from point of application-processing-return of certificate.


Q: Whats the difference between the DBS check and PVG check?

A: The PVG check applies only to pharmacists working in Scotland. The DBS check applies to pharmacists working in England and Wales.


Q: Do I need to register with the annual update service like the DBS check requires?

A: No you do not. Disclosure Scotland perform regular checks on your application which means you do not need to register it with the annual update service. One PVG check will last you a lifetime.


Q: Why is the PVG check more costly than the DBS check?

A: The PVG check once complete will last you a lifetime. There is no need for registration and subsequently annual payment of £13 to an update service like the DBS check. For this reason the PVG check is a one off cost at a slightly more expensive rate.



My Locum Choice regularly maintains a robust and legal process with regards to all activities including PVG. This often includes regular relations with Disclosure Scotland. Information provided by applicants must not be of a fraudulent manner. My Locum Choice will be inclined to contact Disclosure Scotland if whatever reason we are led to believe the information provided by the applicant is false in nature.