Success Secrets 4 Students


Success Secrets 4 Students” is an inspirational book which presents a logical step by step strategies on how to overcome the most common student challenges.

This is the first motivational book written specifically for students with cutting edge techniques, skills and philosophies which helped Marvin succeed at university and as a pharmacy manager, superintendent pharmacist, BBC featured pharmacist, inspirational speaker, personal trainer, UK natural bodybuilding champion, author and creator of the “Success in Pharmacy” programme. The book reveals practical tools which you don’t learn at university but are vital for success. If you apply the strategies in this book, you will be more confident, more energetic and passionate. You will feel in control of your goals, dreams and aspirations. You will manage your time effectively, be extremely productive and efficient, feel energised and revitalised. You will excel at exams and be outstanding at job interviews. You will ignite your passion and be empowered to achieve and realise your true potential quicker than most students. You will enjoy your course and become a leading and successful professional when you graduate. The book covers the following topics: 7 principles to achieve top grades Revision & study techniques Job application & interview tips Money management strategies How to turn your student goals into reality How to prioritise your time How to motivate and condition yourself for success.


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Here is a little what the book is about.